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About Us

Our primary focus is Representing American Composers and Publishers in the UK; Specialising in the collection and distribution of music royalties for television commercials. We also work in conjunction with Advertising Agencies collecting royalties on behalf of the client, thus enabling clients to retrieve a significant portion of their advertising budget, both in the UK  and internationally. This provides agencies with a unique incentive to offer clients, realising their media spend into revenue.

With 30 years of experience, we at Gibbs Music Services Ltd strive for equitable and accurate representation for our international and domestic clients. We have an unparalleled understanding of the process of royalty collection and distribution. Our years of experience eliminates the time consuming process of tracking accurate royalty collection, especially in complex circumstances such as advertising. We will meticulously register and monitor your works, facilitating correct and prompt payment, accompanied by transparent clearly defined accounting.

We proudly boast an impressive client list and continue to work with leading commercial brands including Maybelline, L'Oreal, Mattel, Reckett Benkiser, and Radio 2 amongst others.



Gibbs Music Service Limited was founded by Paige Gibbs in 2010, however our music industry heritage dates back to Fay Gibbs Music Services Ltd, which was founded by her Mother in 1984. Paige joined Fay Gibbs Music Services to market and promote  music libraries in the UK, successfully launching Primrose Music, Kotch, Red Bus and Killer Tracks.

In the 1990s the company diversified into publishing music in advertising and radio jingles. Our association with Killer Tracks led us to represent various radio jingles from Capital Radio to Radio 2, who we continue to represent, to date.

Through Dain Blair we met Ivy Tombak of Litchfield Entertainment. During the 90s, music composed specifically for American commercials aired in the UK, was poorly represented, royalties were rarely paid for music used in Ads that originated in the US. Our association with Litchfield Entertainment set a president, under our representation, Coca Cola was the first US ad to gain correct royalty payment for their UK commercials. Many others brands were to follow.



Unlike other music publishers that offer multiple services, we focus on one thing: the collection of royalties.

On behalf of our clients, we liaise with PRS, fastidiously ensuring the accurate collection and distribution of royalties; by establishing the rigorous reporting of correct media reporting, and constantly investigating the PRS database.

With decades of experience dealing with PRS, their process and royalty distribution, we remove the complicated, time consuming process of royalty collection. Music is music and therefore, regardless of genre, royalties should be paid equitably and accurately.











Royalty collection here in the UK is a convoluted, time consuming process, especially for collection and distribution of royalties for music used in TV and Radio commercials. We can maximise revenue from the music used in TV commercials and remove the complications the process entails. For more information please contact Gibbs Music Services.

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Music Publishing

Music Publishing can be confusing and complex. Publisher’s core aim and responsibility is to ensure songwriters and composers are paid correctly, when their music is used commercially. This can be for existing or specifically commissioned music used in many media outlets such as TV, Film and Radio.


Performing rights organisations are music societies, which collect and distribute performance royalties on behalf of songwriters and publishers. The process of collection and distribution is complex and not always accurate when affiliated without a publisher. The UK Performing Rights Organisation is PRS for Music.

Performance Royalties

A performance royalty is owed to a songwriter and publisher of a particular song/track whenever the composition is broadcast or performed in public. Radio stations, television networks, venues etc, which benefit from a public broadcast or performance of said song/track owe the performance royalties for those usages.

Synch Licence

Synchronisation or 'synch' is the pairing of music with a visual composition. For example when a segment of music is specifically used for a visual advertisement a 'synch licence', or 'synchronisation right' is applied to the licensing of music which outlines how it is used in this way.